Sales Tax Facts

Why Shop Local?

Sales tax is a major source of revenue for the City of Poway. When purchases are made locally and sales tax is applied, the city receives one percent of the taxable sale. In contrast, purchases made outside city limits generate no revenue for the city.

Where does the rest of the sales tax go?

  • 6% to state
  • 1% to City where purchase is made
  • 1.25 % to County and transportation funds

What percentage of the City’s budget is based on sales tax each year?

Currently, a large percentage of Poway’s general fund is derived from sales tax. The Poway Road of Cars generates a significant portion of that amount, totaling up to $2.5 million in sales tax revenue to the City per year.

How is the sales tax revenue spent within the City?

Sales tax revenue is the primary source of funding for projects, programs and services within the community, such as the Fire Department, local parks and improved public safety in our schools and throughout the community. This revenue also provides funding for road maintenance within the city, as well as increased sheriff’s patrols.

Did you know?

For each vehicle purchased from a Poway Road of Cars dealership averaging $30,000, sales tax in the amount of $2,475 is collected. Poway receives $300 of that amount.

Dollars spent in Poway stay in Poway !


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